Choosing a marine surveyor

Choosing the right marine surveyor can save thousands

The surveying industry is largely unregulated, so if you are deciding which marine surveyor to use it can present a few issues from the start which when you need to get your pride and joy back on the water, or get the marine insurance company to pay up for that damage

Choosing the right marine surveyor can be a difficult job so the first task is to ensure that you are prepared and know what to ask so you can get someone with the right level of skill to carry out your repair with the level of competency you would expect from a marine survey specialist.

The International Institute of marine management is a good place to start to find the right person for your needs.

Clearly being recommended is high on the list, geography is another important factor, although it
is important to remember that many of the best marine surveyors will be travelling globally on a regular basis, as they are in demand. So don’t limit you search to just your local area, whilst its a good place to start someone could be already on your doorstep so make plenty of enquires.

Make sure you ask for reference of work or look on their websites, if they are confident of what they do then they will not be afraid to show their work on their site, or send you examples via the many digital channels available today.

The International Institute of Marine Surveying makes identifying the right one easier for you and it is fair to say that if they are listing members they feel they are competent and that they have a track record in the industry.

So once you have made all the relevant checks and feel comfortable you can begin the process of getting quotes for the work and be safe in the knowledge you have chosen your surveyor wisely.

The IIMS cannot be bias towards any one person or company but we are proud that our Chief Marine Surveyor, Jim Vintner is an Associate member.

Located in Hamble Yachtwork cover Southampton, Portsmouth as well as the whole of the UK, in fact we travel all over the world helping our clients get the best advise and are highly experiences and respected Yacht Surveyors, Yacht Repair Specialists and coatings experts with over 30 years experience.


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