Do I Need A Yacht Project Manager?

Let's start with the basics, you are going to make some major upgrades, undertake a refit of your yacht or place an order for a new yacht to be built for you. Should you invest in a Yacht Project Manager? In a word; yes. And we will give you four good reasons why you should:


Yacht build, refit, repairs, painting or retro-fitting are all time-consuming projects and making time for all that owning a yacht involves, can be very difficult. Unless you´re blessed with lots of free time on your hands, we suggest you invest in a PM who will look after your interests for you.


You might be lucky enough to live in close proximity to your yacht, but lets face it, most owners do not. If you live and work far away from the yard handling your project, any issues that require immediate attention, such as costing, emergent works and overall quality control, will be very difficult. Again, investing in a PM will save you a lot of time and money as he or she would handle any of the above.


Do you have experience in project management, boatbuilding, costings, industry best practice and a mass of connections? If the answer is yes, excellent! If not, with the right project manager, you will gain that experience, get someone to react on your behalf at a moment's notice and someone who will always "fight your corner".


This is perhaps the most significant aspect of a project.  An experienced project manager can accurately assess projected costs and will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best value for money, whilst maintaining the level of quality you desire. And here´s a hint; as your PM will very likely know the boat yard involved in your project, he can keep a close eye on them and ensure they deliver on time.

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