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Project Management

Yachtwork Project Management

Yacht projects are often long-term and expensive investments for the boat’s owners. The undertaking of a major project, whether that be a yacht design and build, refit, repair or other work, is a significant step out of most owner’s comfort zone and comes with risk regarding budget, timescale, and results. The key to a successful and stress-free project is informed and timely management and coordination with strong relationships between all parties involved.

Yachtwork collectively has decades of years of experience in the marine, yachting and superyacht industries, in a wide variety of roles and locations. This experience has translated into a comprehensive understanding of the requirements for successfully managing large-scale yacht projects.

We have fostered relationships with numerous industry connections, from logistics support to designers and boatyards, across the UK, Europe and worldwide. Yachtwork is well-positioned to coordinate and communicate effectively to complete your project on time and on budget.

The relationships and connections that Yachtwork maintain across the world have afforded us the privilege of working with some of the finest boatyards, boat builders, technicians, and craftsmen; having them at our disposal enables Yachtwork to provide you and your project with the highest level of service.

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Yacht Refit, Repair, and Retrofit

Yachtwork’s director, Jim Vintner, leads a team with an accumulated 90-years of hands-on experience in the area of yacht servicing, maintenance, refit and repair. With extensive boatyard experience, as well as a thorough grasp on cost estimation, boatyard selection, repair process and refit specification, Yachtwork’s expertise and connections in the industry will ensure your project is completed on schedule and on budget. With such extensive knowledge in this area, Yachtwork is able to advocate on behalf of our clients, minimising stress and anxiety during these projects.

In the rapidly expanding area of yacht retrofitting, Yachtwork is uniquely positioned in marine industry. We have extensive knowledge of the offerings of manufacturers and third-party designers; this, combined with our long-lasting relationships with the manufacturers, installers, and other service providers, allows Yachtwork to provide you with the most suited range of options at the best possible price. From interior design to hardware, lighting, and audio-visual equipment, Yachtwork is able to manage the entire process from initial enquiry to the return of a retrofitted yacht.

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Yacht Build Projects

From advising on industry-leading designers through to arranging delivery of your yacht, Yachtwork is able to project manage new-build yacht projects. Ensuring that the vision of you and your design team is properly realised by the shipyard requires clear, effective communication grounded in knowledge of the industry.

At Yachtwork, we are committed to the highest levels of service and we ensure the quality and standard of all work is second-to-none. We ensure that everyone from the designer, to the boatyard, to craftsman, are effectively coordinated and the process is managed within strict guidelines.

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Yacht Painting and Protection

Yacht painting, finishing, and protection is a highly technical and specialised area of yacht maintenance which can pose problems for the unaware and result in a less than perfect finish that can damage and devalue your yacht.

Jim Vintner has many years of hands-on experience in this area of yacht servicing and is well-placed to provide expert advice and guidance. From recommending the paint spraying facilities, to ensuring they conform to standards, Jim and his project management team are able to advocate on your behalf.

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