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Yachtwork Repair is a part of the Yachtwork grloup of brands that was born out of our directors passion for the yacht repair industry. We have our own technicians but more importantly a wealth of industry connections from over 20 years in this sector. We very often run repairs on vessels with a myriad of skill set requirements only possible to achieve by amalgamation of Marinme profesionals.

We are very often more competitive than some of the companies we use, purely by the fact we sit in the centre of the work program rather than to one side.

We also offer a repair management service which aims to achieve the same in remote locations around the world.

Yachtwork Repair offers our clients a wide range of yacht repair, refitting and yacht restoration services including:

  • Lift & Haul Out
  • Yacht Painting
  • Mechanical Yacht Repair
  • Fiberglass
  • Hydraulics
  • Carpentry
  • Custom Fabrications

Quality and Satisfaction is Our Mission

Our growing list of clients have come to expect the finest in quality and service and Yachtwork Repair delivers. We are located in Hamble where we carry out a full repair and refit service and initiate worldwide service.

Temp repair prior to delivery