What Should You Look For In A Yacht Project Manager?

Perhaps you read our previous blog about Yacht Project Managers, or maybe you already knew that you'd need one to support your project; now you´ve made the decision, how do you know what to look for in a PM (aka Client Project Manager)?

To start with, what you´re looking for is an experienced PM who can provide a plan from the outset that includes your goals, timescale and milestones, and who will keep your project on track and on budget. Always ask for references and talk to them about their track record.

Let's revisit our main issues;

Firstly, time. An experienced PM wouldn´t take on a project unless he or she could fulfil the requirements, but always ask if any other commitments could impact your project timescale.

Secondly – and most importantly – experience. You need a PM with industry experience across multiple disciplines; a sailor, a surveyor or builder and a savvy businessman at a minimum. In addition, look out for project managers who have experience working with costings, working internationally and those with extensive contacts overseas (where your build, refit or repair is likely to take place).

It´s also of vital importance that your PM has good negotiating and communicative skills; The yard will most likely provide estimates or fixed quotations for the projected works, these will need to be fully understood, negotiations complete, and a timeline created and agreed upon by all parties prior to the work being awarded

Thirdly, money. Look for a PM with an extensive knowledge of the marine industry, yachts and issues associated with yacht or superyacht builds, refits or repairs, because he or she will be able to produce strong costings from the outset and help deliver on time and on budget.

Yachtwork has a team of three yacht project managers with an excess of 100-years of experience combined. We are happy to field your questions on any and all aspects of project management; head over to our Project Management page to read more and read about Jim Vintner, Jim Hirst and Ted Smith on the About page.

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