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Yacht Surveys

Yachtwork Marine Surveys

Fast, efficient and cost effective

Founded by Jim Vintner in 2013, Yachtwork carry out an array of marine and yacht surveys for multiple clients on a regular basis. Yacht surveys are commissioned for a number of reasons, such as part of an insurance claim or accident repair, pre-purchase, legal support and warranty or as part of a larger yacht project. Whilst we regularly undertake surveys in all of these areas, Yachtwork’s Director, Jim Vintner and his team of associate surveyors are experts in accident repair surveys and loss adjusting.

The surveys team work with a number of established and well-known marine and yacht insurers when surveys are required to effectively ascertain cause and to cost repairs; their expertise in this field is backed by Jim’s 25 years in the industry and the extensive experience of all associate surveyors.

Our Associates

Yachtwork employ a team of associate surveyors who are based around the world and reactive to any client requirements at a moment’s notice. Our surveyors are hand-picked from the best in the industry and go through a stringent selection process before being coached in Yachtwork’s mantra and methods. This exclusivity allows Yachtwork to attract and maintain a team of experienced and reputable marine surveyors who all operate by stringent guidelines.

Our Reports

Yachtwork operate on the mantra of providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction and this is continued in their survey reports. Our reports are clearly laid-out to enable easy digestion of the detailed information provided and are all created with Jim’s no-nonsense approach in mind. This accurate and efficient reporting approach has attracted an extensive network of marine insurance professionals, as well as private clients.

Accident Repair & Insurance

If you, or someone you insure, has been unfortunate enough to have damaged their vessel, a survey is the quickest and best way to ascertain the cause of the damage, extent of the damage and the cost of repair. Yachtwork’s many insurance clients regularly instruct them to do surveys on structural damage caused by accidents and they not only benefit from our superior reporting style, but we are also well placed to advise on the best route to repair.

Our extensive contacts in the all areas of the marine industry enable Yachtwork to not only accurately report on and cost repairs, but also provide guidance and support throughout the repair project or manage the project on your behalf.

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Pre-purchase Surveys

A pre-purchase survey is an important and essential component in the decision-making and purchase process when buying a yacht. Whether your purchase is your first step into yacht ownership or you are up or downgrading your current vessel, a thorough pre-purchase survey will allow for greater certainty in the quality and longevity of your purchase and will reduce anxiety and stress during your purchase.

Operating on Yachtwork’s mantra of the highest level of service and satisfaction, we conduct a thorough structural survey of your potential purchase. A clearly presented and no-nonsense report will highlight any issues or potential future issues with the vessel and its systems. We are also able to advise whether further specialists should be sought out for items such as engine surveys. Alongside our comprehensive report is guidance on value and the market to aid in your negotiation.

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Legal Support & Warranty

At Yachtwork we are aware that, from time-to-time, yacht owners will have issues that may be covered by warranty. We are well versed in surveying yachts during warranty claims and can operate as surveyor for either owner or warranty-provider. Our extensive experience in yacht surveys, in combination with our reporting style and expertise in yacht build, refit and retro-fit projects means that Yachtwork is ideally placed to identify any issues and indicate how the warranty applies. In the unfortunate situation where the issue does not fall under warranty, Yachtwork can use their extensive experience to consult on the best route to repair.

Similarly, Yachtwork are often instructed by clients or their legal representatives to assist where litigation is ongoing. This can be as simple as fact-finding or confirming an opinion but can extend into complete support throughout the process and the provision of expert witnesses.

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Project-related Surveys

Yachtwork have an enviable team of expert yacht project managers who are regularly employed to undertake and manage large scale projects on behalf of private and insurance clients. The project management expertise of Jim and his team allows for effective and hugely beneficial pre-project surveys to take place.

Before having any work done on a vessel, such as a refit or retro-fit, it is sensible to have a survey undertaken. This survey can provide the same in-depth insight as other types of surveys and benefits the client by highlighting complications that may arise further down the line. This survey has saved clients and their vessels a great deal of stress during previous projects. Remember that Yachtwork’s Project Management team are able to undertake an entire project on your behalf and have a proven track record of delivering superb results.

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